Berkeley Eastman is well-known for the mini tugboat plans and houseboat plans he designed and built.

In 1986 Berkeley Eastman designed his first set of mini tugboat plans, which later became the Candu E-Z, our 14’3″ mini tugboat. He began with a radio controlled scale model. It looked so great that he built the first full-sized boat. After designing the Candu E-Z, he followed with the other 3 mini tugboats, the Micro-Tug 9, which is 9′ in length, the Perfect 10, which is 10′ long, and the Candu Junior, which is 11′ in length.

Berkely Eastman’s love of houseboats brought him back to the drawing board a short time later. He drew houseboat plans beginning with the Aqua Casa 16′. He then followed with the Aqua Casa 20′ and the Cape Codder, which comes either 20′ or 24′. The Aqua Casas are fully trailerable and their use doubles as an RV!

Berkeley had the plans drawn for each of his boats, built a prototype, and then the mini tugboat plans and the houseboat plans were done professionally by Computer Aided Drafting.

The plans for these boats are simple to read and understand, making it possible for someone with very little experience to build and complete their own boat! The materials and supplies are almost all available at your local hardware or lumber store, and the boats can be built with simple tools that you already have around the house! For the few materials needed to build you mini tugboat or houseboat that cannot be purchased at your hardware store Berkeley Engineering has included a list of suppliers, complete with contact information.

«Berkeley Eastman passed away in November, 2006, shortly before turning age 81, but his business of selling the mini tugboat plans and houseboat plans for the boats that he designed and loved continues on today through his family!



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